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3. Look near the lower right of the window next to “Partition Map
Scheme.” It should say “Apple Partition Map,” “GUID Partition
Table,” or “Master Boot Record” ( Figure 2 ).
Figure 2: Not sure which partition map scheme your drive uses?
Look here.
Which partition map scheme do you want? The rules are as follows:
If your backup drive has a capacity of less than 512 GB—or if you
plan to partition it such that each volume is less than 512 GB (see
Decide How Many Partitions to Make , just ahead)—any scheme,
including MBR, is acceptable, but if you use Time Machine keep in
mind my comments about it and MBR, earlier in this chapter. And
if you ever want to use a volume on this drive to boot a Windows
PC, MBR is mandatory.
If you'll use your backup drive only with Intel-based Macs, choose
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