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CrashPlan: Code 42 Software's CrashPlan is an unusual, powerful,
and category-defying product. It can back up your data to a local
volume, online storage (with extremely reasonable prices), another
computer on your network, a friend's computer anywhere in the
world—or any combination of these. CrashPlan supports delta
encoding and fine-grained deduplication—even for identical
chunks of data that came from different computers. And, rather
than running backups on a fixed schedule, CrashPlan+ (included
with all paid subscriptions) can dynamically watch your computer
as you work, backing up any new or changed files right away (or
after a user-defined delay).
I could sing the praises of CrashPlan for quite a few pages, but
instead, let me simply say it's my primary tool for versioned and
offsite backups, and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you'd
like to dig into all the details about how to configure and use it, pick
up a copy of my book Take Control of CrashPlan Backups . (Note the
10-percent-off CrashPlan Coupon near the back of this topic.)
Data Backup: Prosoft's Data Backup has a thorough, solid feature
set, competently creating both versioned backups (optionally with
compression and/or encryption) and bootable duplicates. It can
wake up your Mac to perform scheduled backups. And yet it
features a straightforward, uncomplicated user interface. It's not
even expensive ($49, and you can save 50 percent with the Data
Backup Coupon at the end of this topic).
Two other applications I can think of (Personal Backup and Tri-
Backup—interestingly, both made by French developers) have
feature sets that are similar, overall, to Data Backup's, and they
are around the same price. I happen to prefer Data Backup's look
and feel, and have found Prosoft to be a responsive and helpful
developer, but you should have satisfactory results with any of
these three.
DollyDrive: DollyDrive started out as a way to store Time Machine
backups in the cloud. But in just a few years, this Mac-only product
has morphed into a full-blown versioned backup, syncing, and
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