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Reassess Your
Backup Strategy
If you're reading this topic for the first time, you may not already
have a backup strategy—in which case, feel free to skip this chapter
for now. But I suggest returning to it in a year or so, by which time you
may benefit from its recommendations. If you already have a backup
strategy, though, read on to learn the best way to proceed.
Just as I reevaluate my stance every so often, you should periodically
reassess your backup strategy in light of new information. If you read
an earlier incarnation of one of my topics and set up a backup system
based on what I said a year or more ago, I'd like you to reassess your
strategy right now. Either way, put a reminder on your calendar for
one year from now to (re-)read this chapter, and then do it again!
I want to begin with a brief “state of the union” look at what has
changed in the last couple of years (as I write this in mid-2013), and
then say a few words about Factors to Reevaluate as you reconsider
your backup strategy, both now and every year. Feel free to skim this
section to see which topics are applicable to you; you might want to
jot down a few notes about those topics to help you identify items
to concentrate on as you reformulate your backup approach.
What's New in the World of Mac Backups
Since the last time this topic was updated, a great many things have
changed that affect Mac backups. I've presented the highlights here
in a number of different categories.
The Next (and Last) Big Cat
In July 2012, almost exactly a year after Mac OS X 10.7 Lion appeared,
Apple released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Along with dropping the
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