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Back Up Active Projects
For projects that are in an intermediate stage between raw media and
final product, be sure you have regular backups:
Include all these files in the regular duplicates of your hard disk(s),
because the amount of space required for your duplicates isn't
cumulative as it is for versioned backups.
As with video, choose backup software that offers compression and/
or delta encoding, both of which can help you make the most of
limited storage space.
Do create versioned backups of the files, too, but consider keeping
these backups on a drive separate from your other data to prevent
your regular versioned backups from ballooning out of control. In
other words, in your ordinary versioned backups to Drive A, exclude
the folders with your audio or photo data, and in a separate set of
versioned backups stored on Drive B, include only your audio or
photo data. It may help to write out a checklist for yourself to keep
track of what's where!
When you're finished with a project, delete most or all of its
intermediate stages from your “big-files-only” backup, leaving just
the final stage.
Unfortunately, I know of no magic bullet to make backups of large files
completely painless and affordable, but these steps can enable you to
minimize the aggravation.
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