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Backup Needs
Although duplicates, versioned backups, and offsite storage cover
most situations that the typical user will encounter, some people have
special backup needs that don't quite fit the mold.
I'm thinking, for example, of users with vast numbers of digital photos
and those who are Dealing with Huge Volumes of Data because they
work extensively with the gigantic files required for digital video or pro
audio applications.
Other special needs may include using Version Control software
(including Versions, built into Mac OS X) to save copies of your files
more frequently than versioned backups would permit, Backing Up a
Small Network , Backing Up While on the Road (especially photos), and
backing up Windows Files and Volumes .
Each of these situations may require additional steps beyond
conventional duplicates and versioned backups.
Digital Photos
It used to be that photos were printed on paper, and people often
kept negatives as well, which could be used to create new photos if
the paper copies were lost or damaged. But now that most photos are
digital, your memories—a new baby, a wedding, a dream vacation—are
as fragile as the media on which they're stored.
Most of us have at least a few digital photos on our computers. But
increasing quantities of digital photos may amplify your concerns
about entrusting this irreplaceable data to your computer. Also, digital
camera resolution is constantly on the rise—meaning the next new
camera you buy is going to require more space for the same number
of images as your previous one. Your mobile phone, iPod, or iPad
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