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switches between them automatically, as discussed in Choose a
Destination (or More Than One) .
If you use a Time Capsule, you can't just swap out its internal drive
whenever you feel like it (it's a pain to do, and it voids the warranty).
You can, however, keep your backups on an external USB drive
connected to your Time Capsule and then swap that drive from time
to time—perhaps reserving the internal drive for media sharing.
You may be wondering where exactly “offsite” could be in your case.
Here are some suggestions:
Your place of work
A neighbor's or relative's home
A storage unit
A safe deposit box
Don't keep an offsite backup in your car (or your garage!), which is, if
anything, more susceptible to damage and theft than your home. Heat
and cold extremes in your car can also hasten data corruption. If you
want as much security as possible with a trade-off of less convenience,
keep the drive in a safe deposit box at your local bank.
Taking care of your media is just as important as making proper
backups in the first place. If your backup disk is lost or damaged,
it does you no good. So whatever else you do, be sure to store your
backup media in a cool, dry place away from significant sources of
light, static electricity, vibration, and other hazards (such as inquisitive
pets or children). This may seem obvious, but it pays to remember that
you're doing backups in the first place because your data is valuable—
perhaps even irreplaceable.
Tip: For extra safety, when your media isn't actively in use, store it
in a container that's rated fireproof for media.
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