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Set up your backups:
If you've chosen to use Time Machine for versioned backups, read
Configure and Use Time Machine . Otherwise, consult Use Other
Versioned Backup Software to learn how to configure a versioned
backup and verify that you can retrieve stored files.
Make a bootable copy of your startup volume, schedule it for regular
updates, and test it to make sure it works with the advice in Create a
Bootable Duplicate .
One way or another, Store an Extra Backup Offsite —either by
physically moving backup media or by signing up for an online
backup service.
Address problems and unusual situations:
If your disk dies, your Mac is stolen, or an important file goes
missing, don't panic; read What to Do When Disaster Strikes .
After months or years of backing up your Mac, you may run out of
space on your backup disks, or you may become concerned about
the long-term viability of your backup media. Discover what to do
about this in Manage Your Media .
Find out how to deal with backup needs that don't fit neatly in
the duplicate or versioned categories by reading Consider Special
Backup Needs . As appropriate, read about Digital Photos , Dealing
with Huge Volumes of Data , Backing Up a Small Network , Backing
Up While on the Road , and Windows Files and Volumes .
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