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a big believer in having both local and offsite backups, and
DollyDrive can cover both needs.
Dolly Clone: In addition to versioned backups, the DollyDrive
software can store a bootable duplicate on an external drive using
its Dolly Clone feature.
Sync and share too: DollyDrive isn't just for backups. It can also
enable multiple Macs and iOS devices to sync files with each other
via the cloud and share files with other people, in much the same
way as Dropbox.
In short, DollyDrive is the complete package—the only way I know of
to get versioned local and online backups, a bootable duplicate, cloud
syncing, and file sharing in a single piece of software. (That doesn't
necessarily mean it's the best tool for each of those jobs—for example,
at the moment, the most frequent backup interval is hourly—but it is
nice to have so many capabilities rolled into a single package.)
QRecall Tips
If you use QRecall for versioned backups, keep in mind the following:
Learn the lingo: QRecall has its own special vocabulary. But don't
worry; it's easy to translate. When you see capture, just think “store
a versioned backup.” (QRecall uses archive to mean a special file
in which versioned backups are stored.) When you see recall , think
“restore,” and when you see restore , think “restore to the original
location.” A layer is essentially a snapshot that contains only the
items copied during a particular incremental update of a versioned
backup. You can merge (combine) layers for convenience; you can
also do a rolling merge, in which layers are combined according to
your specifications after a certain number of days.
Let the Assistant help: To get help setting up complex options in
QRecall, Choose Help > Capture Assistant.
Use multiple keys to save space: Although you can use a single
QRecall license key on multiple computers, doing so means each
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