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Mac Backups Quick Start
You can read this topic in any order, but I suggest that you start with
Plan a Backup Strategy in order to understand the rationale behind
the hardware, software, and setup advice I give later. Here are the
components of a solid Mac OS X backup plan.
Decide on a backup strategy:
If you already have a backup system in place based on what you
read in an earlier edition of this topic (or one of its predecessors),
begin by reading Reassess Your Backup Strategy to find out what's
new and which Factors to Reevaluate to determine whether any
changes are in order.
Everyone else: Start at the beginning, with the Plan a Backup
Strategy chapter. You'll soon Understand Joe's Basic Backup
Strategy , which revolves around three key components: versioned
backups (containing multiple copies of files as they existed at
various points in time), a bootable duplicate (a complete, bootable
copy of your hard disk), and offsite storage (in case something
wipes out your Mac and the backup media sitting right next to it).
Assemble the components:
Figure out whether Time Machine is a good option for your needs,
and if not, select a different program to perform versioned backups.
Read Choose a Versioned Backup Program for a feature overview,
and then either pick an option noted in Explore Backup Software
Features or consult the Online Appendixes for details and sources.
Choose Backup Hardware —most likely a hard drive or two—to store
your backups on (one of which may be inside a Time Capsule or
similar device).
Learn how to Prepare Your Hard Drive with the right number and
type of partitions and volume formats for the types of backups you
want to do.
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