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Data Backup Tips
Data Backup users, be aware of the following:
Use Versioned Backups: Data Backup has lots of backup types;
the one that stores multiple versions of each file is the Versioned
Backup. Use Clone for bootable duplicates.
Compress and encrypt: You have nothing to lose and
everything to gain—in terms of disk space savings and security—
by using Data Backup's compression and encryption options.
Select both Compress Files and Encrypt in the Destination
Options section of Data Backup's main window. (Note that
although you can use this for Versioned Backups, you cannot
compress files when creating a bootable duplicate.)
Get some Z's: Data Backup runs only on a fixed schedule;
I suggest scheduling backups to run in the middle of the night,
when you're asleep and won't need to use your Mac. But what
if your computer is also asleep (or turned off) then? No problem:
Data Backup can turn it on or wake it up in time to run. Go to
the General view of Data Backup's Preferences window, and from
the Wake Up for Scheduled Events pop-up menu, choose From
Power Off.
DollyDrive Tips
If DollyDrive is your preferred tool, consider these things:
No more Time Machine: DollyDrive now uses Time Machine
only under 10.6 Snow Leopard. Users with Lion or later can
either turn off Time Machine completely, or use it to supplement
Local and remote: Although DollyDrive is best known for its
online storage, its software can also (like CrashPlan) back up your
data to a local hard drive. As I've said elsewhere in this topic, I'm
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