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enter your credentials—the user name and password set up for you
on the other computer. Finally, click (in Column view) or double-
click (otherwise) a folder to mount the corresponding volume.
When a server has one or more mounted volumes, an eject icon
appears by its name in the sidebar, and in Column view, the same
icon appears next to the name of each mounted volume.
Is the hard drive plugged in (both to AC power and to the other
computer) and turned on?
Is the volume shared correctly on the other computer?
Avoid Conflicts with Virus Scanners
According to Apple, virus scanning software (such as Intego's Virus
Barrier and Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh) can slow down Time
Machine significantly, and should therefore be turned off when Time
Machine is backing up your Mac. That sounds fine until you recall that
Time Machine runs every hour—so you'd be turning your antivirus
software off and on constantly!
A different approach you might take is to leave Time Machine off and
then, a few times per day, turn off your antivirus software and choose
Back Up Now from the Time Machine menu or Time Machine's
Dock menu. But that's still inconvenient. With luck, makers of
antivirus software will release updates that automatically play nicely
with Time Machine. In any case, I suggest setting your antivirus
software to ignore your Time Machine disk (in Virus Barrier, for
example, you add your Time Machine disk to the program's “Trusted
Zone”)—scanning it will greatly increase the amount of time it takes to
run, and it's unlikely that any malware would make its way onto your
Time Machine disk without being intercepted on your main disk first.
Find Out What Time Machine Is Really up To
If you want to know how much data Time Machine backs up with each
run, get detail on any errors it encounters, or find clues to solving
random problems, open Console (which you can find in /Applications/
Utilities ). If the title bar of the window doesn't say system.log, make
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