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is off, by choosing Back Up Now from the Time Machine menu
or right-clicking (or Control-clicking) the Time Machine icon in the
Dock and choosing Back Up Now. (To immediately stop a backup in
progress, choose Stop Backing Up from either menu.) Note that this
doesn't work with local snapshots (see the sidebar Local Snapshots ) ;
your regular Time Machine volume must be available.
Tip: In the Time Machine preference pane, you can enable or disable
an option called Back Up While on Battery Power, which appears
when you click the Options button on a notebook Mac.
Regardless of how regularly you have Time Machine turned on or
how frequently you run manual backups, you should be aware that
the method Apple uses to automatically purge older backups can, in
some cases, delete files you thought were backed up. Read the sidebar
The Time Machine Schedule Problem , next.
If you want to alter the frequency of Time Machine's regular backups
to something other than hourly, skip ahead a page or so to Modify the
Hourly Backup Interval .
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