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Encrypt Your Time Machine Backup
Time Machine can encrypt local Time Machine backup disks—and,
starting with 10.8 Mountain Lion, Time Capsule backups—using the
same underlying mechanism as FileVault 2. Once you've enabled
encryption, if an unauthorized person were to get access to your
backup disk, they'd be unable to read any of your files without your
password. Unfortunately, you can't encrypt Time Machine backups
on a network server.
Warning! Do not turn on encryption if you use a Drobo device as
a destination for Time Machine. It may cause serious damage.
Turning on encryption is a piece of cake:
1. Open the Time Machine pane of System Preferences, and click
Select Disk.
2. With your destination volume already selected, check Encrypt
Backup Disk ( Figure 11 ). Then click Use Disk.
Figure 11: To encrypt a Time Machine backup, you need only check
this box and then enter a password.
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