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Time Machine replaces your current GarageBand project with the
project as it appeared at the earlier time.
Restore Files from Another
Time Machine Backup
Ordinarily, you'll probably want to restore files from your own Mac
that were backed up using Time Machine. However, if you connect
(directly or over the network) to a Time Machine disk containing
backups of other computers, you can use Time Machine to browse
those backups and restore files from them to your computer. (You
might also need to use this procedure to see backups from your
existing Mac if you've recently restored your entire disk from a Time
Machine backup, if you've changed its name in the Sharing pane of
System Preferences, or if your logic board has been replaced.)
To browse other Time Machine backups:
1. Make sure the volume with the backups is mounted in the Finder.
2. Right-click (or Control-click) the Time Machine icon in the Dock
and choose Browse Other Time Machine Disks from the menu, or
Option-click the Time Machine icon in your menu bar and choose
Browse Other Backup Disks.
3. In the window that appears, select the backup you want to use and
click Use Selected Disk. The “time warp” screen appears.
4. In the frontmost window, navigate to the hard disk of the computer
whose backups you're viewing. Open that folder to find specific
files; then, use the back and forward arrows and the controls on the
side of the screen to select older versions.
Restore a Disk Using Time Machine
If you've experienced a major disk crash or other catastrophe that
requires you to restore an entire disk, rather than merely individual
files or folders, you can do so with Time Machine.
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