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Landscape at the Angel
One of my favourite emporiums here is Lou's, the second-hand clothes shop. As can
be seen in the illustration here , it is a handsome shop front, with a nice bit of ironwork
to ventilate the fanlight. Lou's is popular with the locals, who make a dead set at second-
hand clothes. In fact, this interest in second-hand clothes is food for thought, in view of
the prosperity people are supposed to be enjoying. Wild orgies of old-clothes buying takes
place at all the rummage sales, including those of such demure parishes as St Martin-in-
the-Fields. The women at Lou's have a trained eye for a bargain, and with exemplary skill
disinter the garment from a pile of less eligible toggery. There are more antique shops
and then comes Mr Repuke, the undertaker. Over his door (at the back of the shop) is a
splendid glass plate reproduced at the beginning of this topic - a survival from the days of
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