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The ironworks at Percy Circus
Penton Street is itself interesting in having an almost unspoilt London dining-room, one
of those with a large hanging lamp and lace-curtained windows. There are still a few to
be found in London, including one in King's Road, Chelsea, the latter a homely survivor
among much that is merely chi-chi and fashionable. The Penton Street one has the typic-
al flyblown mirrors reflecting each other into infinity, a clock and wooden eating-boxes
with acorn finials that remind one of chapel pews. Round the corner is White Lion Street,
from which an alley leads to Chapel Market. This area is full of interest for the London
connoisseur, for White Lion Street still retains a few early nineteenth-century shops, well
used and authentic and in need of preservation. These shops have their original shutters.
What they sold originally is impossible to say, but they belong to the time when appren-
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