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One could devote a curious day to a tour of London laundries - not the actual laundries
in the sunset lands beyond Euston, but the collecting offices. Chinese laundries are still
to be found in the East End, though not many. Laundrettes, a choice study in themselves,
have taken their place. Of the collecting offices, the Sunlight Laundries, displaying a rising
sun and tiles of an intense ultramarine interest me, and needless to say, those displaying the
magic word 'Bagwash'. The word, although in a class by itself, is one of those one would
like to use for its own sake, irrespective of meaning, simply because they sound interest-
ing. 'Bagwash' is pure East End, and suggests fat old women pushing prams of underwear.
Before crossing the road to Limehouse Church, I recommend a look at the Star of the East,
a great Gothic pub, full of mirrors and retaining its lamps outside on the pavement.
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