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Queen Anne's Gate Restaurant
Woburn Walk with its double row of shops has already been mentioned in passing, and
is, in any case, justly appreciated. But London has many other shops less well known,
and many of these possess character and interest in various degrees. Pharmacies occupy
a prominent place, both from their number and quality. Many of the best are almost un-
known examples, for instance, the early nineteenth-century one in Richmond Terrace, Is-
lington, which has Corinthian columns and Gothic arched windows - a hybrid. There was
one in Wimbledon dating from a couple of decades later in 1840 Tudor-Elizabethan; this
was of much interest as it possessed the original fittings including the little wooden draw-
ers for drugs. Belgravia is a good area for pharmacies; among the best was Gulliver's, off
Eaton Square, once again with period fittings - a cut-glass door handle, in particular. In
the great periods, such small things were not considered too insignificant to receive artist-
ic treatment, and were, in fact, carefully thought out in order to contribute to a harmoni-
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