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The tables were Art and Craft, the umbrella stand also, a vintage production pierced with
heart-shaped holes. These and the sham timbered roof gave the place a baronial air, an ef-
fect aided by a Gothic door. There was a strange contrast between the formalised sagging
shapes of the art nouveau patterns and the baronial flavour, the latter seeming to call for
rushes, various hairy dogs, and an odd minstrel or two, and the former for men with waxed
moustaches and celluloid collars.
Interior of the St Gothard Café
Art nouveau still maintains a foothold in Germany, France, and Holland in such things
as shop fronts, ironwork, and lettering. In England where, surprisingly, it all started
(though the origins of art nouveau are too complex to be discussed here), it faded long ago
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