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Indians came flocking into the village in groups, men, women and children, all at a slow
trot. Many of the women carried babies in ponchos on their backs and I noticed that for once
nobody was spinning wool.
The fiesta ,likemostofitskind,merelyamountedtodrinkinganddancing,ifsuchthehop-
ping and bobbing about can be called. Drums and flutes provided the monotonous music that
on end. By degrees the alcohol began to take effect and intoxicated men were lying here and
there, nobody seeming to take the slightest notice of them. The dance continued all day, and
after dark, when it was getting cold, crowds flocked to different huts, where they continued
making merry.
Though a very old tribe, the modern Aymara has yielded but little to the encroaching civilization of
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