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'In the time of our old ancestors a powerful and prosperous tribe of Indians lived on one
side of the valley, and on the opposite mountain slopes an equally strong and well-organised
tribe had settled. At first these two tribes were the best of neighbours and traded honestly and
many fierce battles were fought between the two. The cacique (chief) of one tribe had a son,
and his enemy on the other side had a beautiful daughter, and one day the two happened to
meetandimmediatelyfellinlovewitheachother.The cacique 'ssonoftendisappearedquietly
they aroused suspicion, and the father of the girl sent a messenger to the young man's fath-
er, threatening to execute his enemy's son should he ever catch him. Even this threat was not
enough to frighten the young lover, who continued his visits during dark nights. On one oc-
casion he was waylaid, taken prisoner, and brought before his father's enemy, who ordered
the young man to be beheaded at once. Once the head had been severed from the body it was
taken to the girl who hysterically caressed it, and according to the fable the eyes of the still
warm head opened wide and tears began to flow out of them, and ever since this valley has
been called Humahuaca, which means “Weeping Head”.'
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