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As soon as the official and other receptions were over I took the horses out to the pampas
again, where they will enjoy the kind of life that is natural to them. Some had planned to put
I consulted with my friend Dr Solanet, who had originally given them to me, and we decided
that it would be kinder to allow them to spend the remaining years of their lives on a beautiful
estancia inthesouthoftheprovinceofBuenosAires,andasIamwritingtheselastlinesIcan
see them galloping over the rolling plains until they disappear out of sight in the vastness of
the pampas. Still gazing in the direction where they have disappeared I have visions of many
strange places we saw together, joys and sorrows, hardships and pleasures, and then the faces
of many friends in far-away countries appear before me, friends in all stations of life - friends
and good luck to you, old pals, Mancha and Gato!
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