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sunrise to come to meet me. Soon I could distinguish their large hats, the gold and silver em-
broidering glittering in the brilliant sun.
ofcars clapped their hands. After this all was a whirlwind; some embraced me, others slapped
me onthe back, there wasatrampling ofmany hoofs,the shouting ofmany voices -Iwasbe-
I saw the head of my old pal Gato. I forgot everything around me and went to pat his neck, to
tickle his nose, and to rub his forehead, as I had often done before when we were all alone out
quiveringhisupperlip.ThetwohorsesthensniffedeachotherwhilstIexamined Gato,whom
I found to be in wonderful shape, not a sign of his accident being visible.
An open-air luncheon had been prepared in a hacienda near there, so the whole crowd
went to eat and make merry. The charros were dressed in their best festive costumes, and
the saddles and trappings of their horses were equally splendid and costly. Some of the ladies
wore the national costumes of chinas poblanas , and a fairer sight could not be imagined. The
Argentine Minister and other members of the foreign diplomatic corps were present, some of
the charros ,most ofwhom were society people orhigh government officials. However,form-
ality was put to one side, and everybody ate, drank and made merry, whilst photographers and
cinema operators were busy taking some happy groups, and later a few short speeches were
course the humorous 'birds' were not missing, and several kept the crowd in roars of laughter
type, a Mexican poet, and a well-known Argentine business man of the city being the out-
the cognac and champagne began to take effect on them. I was in my dirty travelling clothes
and felt rather out of place with a two days' growth of beard, and I was still feeling the effects
of malaria and sleepless nights, but I successfully acted as though I were feeling fresh and
in the meantime arrived in cars were waiting outside. All joined the procession, whilst two
rows of police in motor-cycles and side-cars accompanied us. In each side-car were two men
with rifles, and I was told this was a precaution owing to the state of affairs at the time, and
charros and ladies ride through the centre of the city, their picturesque costumes showing off
to full advantage onthe lively steeds with flowing manes. It had been arranged that my horses
should be stabled in a riding academy, where more refreshments were waiting for us.
AssoonasIcoulddosoImadeabee-line forthehotelwhereroomshadbeenreserved for
me. Although many hunted high and low for me to ask me out on a parranda , as Mexicans
call a spree, I left word with the servants that I was 'not in', and was able to put in a sleep that
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