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After leaving Nahuala we continued over bad mountain trails at first, and later descended
into a valley, where we struck a good road that took us into Quezaltenango. This town is of
some importance and is a commercial centre where many Germans have settled down during
days. A group of enthusiastic Mexicans came to visit me, and gave me a foretaste of Mexican
hospitality and friendship.
During the course of conversation I told some acquaintances that drunkenness had caused
me a great deal of worry and discomfort all along the route, for wherever I went intoxicated
people molested me or made things unpleasant. I was told that in this town the police had a
specialtwo-wheeledpush-cartwithwhich gendarmes wentaroundatnighttopickupdrunken
people. As I did not believe this, my new acquaintances took me out to prove it to me; after
having seen a few 'corpses' loaded the sight became monotonous.
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