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Through jungles the pack was kept at an irreducible minimum.
We were on the slow-moving boat for three days. The navigation is about as crude as any-
body might imagine. We passed Barranca, where an American company operates an oilfield.
some 300 miles away. The laying down of this pipe is in itself a masterpiece, for it leads
eighteen months.
I had often warned Victor about drinking water out of any ditch or stream we came to. For
hisowngood,Ievengavehimagoodhidingonmorethanoneoccasion whenIcaughthimat
it. But he had a bad habit of sneaking away when he was thirsty and drinking without my per-
mission. The result was that he contracted fever, and the mosquitoes of the Magdalena river
filthy food and unsanitary sanitary arrangements, as the Irishman would say.
we arrived without incident.
Although I looked all over the town, the only place I could hire to leave the horses was a
small backyard full of pigs and mud, and it was no easy matter to find fodder, but after a long
chase around I finally obtained some.
Nextday,earlyintheafternoon,Iwenttopaymyrespectstotheauthorities, andonlyreal-
ised my mistake in arriving so early when I had already entered the government house.
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