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No rain had fallen for eight months in this district, so the horses had a very bad time of it.
Everything was dry, excepting where the land was under irrigation, and when sometimes I did
obtain good fodder I had to pay incredible prices for it.
We halted for a few days in a little place at the foot of the volcano, Galera, which I ascen-
ded twice. The crater is enormous and terrific eruptions have endangered the neighbourhood
on several occasions. The first time I made the ascent I was accompanied by a geologist who
wished to study this volcano. At the time there were no serious eruptions, only a cloud of sul-
phur fumes rising high into the sky. When we reached the edge of the crater we beheld a won-
derful scene. Inthe middle there was a second and smaller crater,from the inside ofwhich the
fumes were hissing and snorting, making a noise like a gigantic steam laundry. The geologist
insisted ondescending thesteepanddangerouswalls,andattempting toreachtheinnercrater.
than two hours we reached our goal.
Of Ecuador, who accompanied
the author as far as Panama,
leads the way into a jungle forest.
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