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Figure 4.28 The Role Editor window.
To call up the Role Editor choose Modify Edit Roles. To create a new Role, select either a New Audio Role or
New Video Role from the + (plus) pop-up menu on the left, give the Role a name, and press OK. And to create
a new Subrole, select a Role from the list on the left, click the + (plus) button at the bottom of the Subrole win-
dow on the right, give the Subrole a name, and press OK.
As you'll see in Chapter 5, Roles and Subroles become very useful when used in conjunction with the Timeline
There are countless ways for you to organize and arrange your media inside of Final Cut Pro, but you don't
need to apply all of them. Experiment with some of the techniques outlined in this chapter and decide on which
techniques work the best for you. The methods that you ultimately settle on will depend on the personal work-
flow that you develop as you continue to use Final Cut Pro and the approaches that allow you to become more
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