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1. Select the Bump in the Night Collection in the Event Library.
2. Select all the clips that feature the Katie character by -clicking on them in the Event Browser.
3. Press +K to call up the Keyword Editor if it isn't already visible.
4. Type Katie into the Keyboard Editor's Name field and press Return.
Final Cut Pro assigns the Katie keyword to all the selected clips and creates a collection of these shots in-
side the Event Library.
Finding your footage
Even with the use of Collections to narrow down the material available in the Event Browser, you still can find
yourself sifting through a large amount of files on some larger Projects. Searching for a specific file that is lost
inside a vast Event or Collection is as simple as selecting the Event or Collection that you want to look through
and typing a term in the search field at the top of the Event Browser. This filters down the list of files to display
only the items that include the term in the file's name or notes field.
However, there is a more powerful way to search for clips in the Event Browser, and that's by using the Event
Browser's Filter window.
To bring up the Filter window, you can either select the magnifying glass icon in the search field at the top of
the Event Browser or make sure the Event Browser is active and choose Edit Find or press +F.
The Filter window allows you to specify various search conditions and works similarly to Smart Playlists in
iTunes and Smart Mailboxes in Apple Mail. The Filter Window opens with a default Text search field, which
searches for text in the clip title, but you can refine your search even further by adding other criteria including
keywords, ratings, and media type. To add search criteria to the Filter window, click the + (plus) icon and select
a rule from the pop-up menu.
As you refine your search by adding more items from the pop-up menu, these rules appear as icons in the Event
Browser's search field and the search results dynamically update below. To clear the search results in the Event
Browser click on the small x in the search field.
A rule can be disabled and not included in a search by unchecking the check box beside it; it can be removed al-
together by clicking on the minus symbol next to it. You also can use Boolean search terms such as All, Any, In-
clude, or Not Include to further refine your search criteria. The Filter search shown in Figure 4.20, for instance,
finds only media that meet all the conditions specified in the Filter window. In this case, the results would show
only the files that include the words Scene 8 in the filename, have been tagged with either a Katie or Spider
keyword, and have been rated as a Favorite.
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