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Figure 4.11 A clip marked with both Favorite and Rejected sections.
To rename the Favorite and Rejected symbols beneath a clip, select the symbol, press Return to highlight the
symbol's name field, and type a new name. You also can rename clips using a clip's metadata; how to create
and apply a custom name preset is covered in “Customizing metadata properties,” later in this chapter.
Filtering clips
After you have reviewed the rushes and rated the sections that you like and dislike, the Event Browser can be
filtered to display just the clips that you want to see. You do this with the Filter pop-up menu, which is available
in both Filmstrip View and List View (see Figure 4.12).
Figure 4.12 The Filter pop-up menu.
You can choose to filter an entire Event or selected Collections within an Event by first selecting them in the
Event Library.
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