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Select the Bump in the Night Collection in the Event Library, and rewatch the two takes for Scene 8 Slate 57.
As the actress looks around the room in the first take, you'll see that the camera has trouble keeping her in
frame. She almost moves completely out of shot at 10 seconds and 14 frames into the clip. It's unlikely that this
section will be used in the edit, so to avoid having to watch the unusable section every time you review this
shot, it would be best to rate it as Rejected. Select Scene 8 Slate 57 Take 1 in the Event Browser, and drag a se-
lection starting at 10 seconds and covering an area of about 1 second and 10 frames. Rate this section as Rejec-
ted using one of the methods listed earlier. The Rejected clip displays a red horizontal line on the clip's thumb-
nail that covers the rejected area. Rejecting clips doesn't delete them from within Final Cut Pro, but it does al-
low you to filter the Event Browser so that they're hidden from view.
Removing ratings
If you change your mind about a Favorite or Rejected clip, you can easily unmark it. To remove all ratings from
a clip, select the entire clip in the Event Browser. To remove a specific instance of a rating, click its horizontal
line on the clip's thumbnail to display the selected area that you want to remove. To unrate a clip or selection,
press the white star button on the Toolbar, choose Mark Unrate, or just press U.
Naming clips
As you become more familiar with the footage that you have to work with, you may want to rename some of
the clips in the Event Browser to something more meaningful to you. This is especially true if the clips have the
original filenames imported from the camera. This is as simple as clicking a clip's name field and typing a new
name. If the Event Browser is set to Filmstrip View, the clip names are displayed beneath the thumbnail
filmstrips. To show or hide the filenames in Filmstrip View, choose View Show/Hide Clip Names or press Op-
You also can rename a clip by selecting it and typing inside the name field of the Inspector's Info window (see
Chapter 2 for more on the Inspector).
You may have noticed that when you're working in List View, the clips listed in the Event Browser have dis-
closure triangles on them. Opening these triangles reveals various icons beneath the clips. These icons identify
the various ratings, keywords, and Collections associated with the clip and correspond to the horizontal lines on
the thumbnails discussed earlier in this chapter, in the “Selecting Favorites” section. The clip in Figure 4.11 has
both a green star icon and a red X icon beneath it, which tells you that some sections have been rated as a Fa-
vorite and others Rejected. Clicking on an icon highlights these areas as selection ranges over the clip's thumb-
nail. Figure 4.11 has the Rejected icon selected with the Rejected area selected over the clip.
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