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to owning all copyrights in the video or have permission from the copyright owners to publish the video to
the site.
This would be a good time to remind you that you do not have permission to upload the film Pranks or its
associated footage and resources as per the licensing details in this topic.
9. To complete the process, click the Publish button. Final Cut Pro compresses the Project and automatically
posts it to your YouTube account.
Exporting Movies
As convenient as some of these sharing options are, there will be situations when you'll want to export your
Project as a self-contained file. For example, you may need to export the Project as an Audio Only file to pro-
duce a single audio stem of the sound effects assembled in the Timeline or create a high-quality master file of
your edited movie after the project has been completed. You could then use this master file to make future cop-
ies of the movie in different formats using an application such as Compressor, without having to go through
Final Cut Pro. This will allow you to archive the movie's Project, safe in the knowledge that you can return to
the master file to make additional copies.
To export your Project as a QuickTime movie file, do the following:
1. Select the Project in the Project Library or have it open in the Timeline and choose Share Export Media
or press +E. A dialog box opens with four drop-down menus, the first of which is the Export menu (see
Figure 16.7). This is where you select the kind of file you want to export. To export a movie file choose
Video and Audio (or Video Only if you want a movie without sound).
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