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Figure 15.12 A title on the Timeline.
Once a title has been added, you can change the text that's displayed directly in the Viewer. Select the title in
the Timeline, double-click the text in the Viewer, and enter the text that you want. Double-clicking the text also
reveals a round button in the Viewer. Use this to position the text anywhere on-screen (see Figure 15.13).
Figure 15.13 Changing text in the Viewer.
When working with text elements in a project, always remember to turn on Show Title/Action Safe Zones from
the switch button at the top-right of the Viewer. Placing any text within the inner yellow boundary ensures that
the text won't be cropped when shown on a television. A title's duration can be adjusted by trimming it like any
other clip. Shortening or lengthening a title affects the speed of any animation elements that the title may con-
tain. Shortening the title speeds up any animated text.
A simple title or lower third can be added to a project without having to access the Title Browser. To add a
simple text title at the playhead position in the Timeline, choose Edit Connect Title Basic Title or press Con-
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