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Figure 14.15 Move the film frame icon to change the frozen frame.
To remove a freeze frame, select the clip in the Timeline and choose Normal 100% from the Retime menu or
press Shift+N. If a clip has multiple retime effects, you can remove them all by choosing Reset Speed from the
Retime menu or by pressing +Option+R. To close the Retime Editor, choose Hide Retime Editor from the Re-
time menu or press Shift+R.
Let's go back to the opening shot that we flipped earlier (Scene 1 Slate 1 Take 5) and create a freeze on the last
frame of the clip. We can use the freeze to superimpose the Pranks title.
1. Mount the Craft of the Cut disc image, and launch Final Cut Pro.
2. Select the Pranks Media Event in the Event Library and type Scene 1 Slate 1 Take 5 into the Event
Browser's Search field.
3. Control-click on Scene 1 Slate 1 Take 5 and choose Open in Timeline. The shot should be flipped the
right way around from the earlier exercise.
4. Position the playhead at 22 seconds and 15 frames in the Timeline and, with the video clip selected, press
Option+] (right bracket) to trim the end of the clip. With the clip still selected, park the playhead just before
the last frame of the clip.
5. Choose Hold from the Retime menu or press Shift+H to create a Hold Frame. The Retime Editor displays
a red hold frame above the clip (see Figure 14.16).
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