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In the Music Collection, you'll find all the individual music cues that make up the final score. You can experi-
ment and place these cues anywhere that you want on the Timeline or re-create the score as it appears in the fi-
nal film. To Do Markers have been placed in the project to indicate where each music cue starts in the original
movie. To use these, open up the Timeline Index by choosing Window Show Timeline Index or pressing
Shift+ +2. In the Timeline Index, select the Tags category and click the Show Incomplete To-Do Items button.
Use the Index to navigate through the markers in the Timeline and connect each music cue to the marker's posi-
tion. Tick the marker's Completed check box for each cue that you complete (for more information on using
markers see Chapter 5). Table 13-1 lists the music cues used in the final film and the times that they appear on
the Timeline.
Creating a Surround Mix
The final audio mix for most of the projects that you'll work on will most likely be in stereo, which is why this
is the default setting when you create a new project in Final Cut Pro. Audio clips in the Timeline can be panned
in the Inspector, allowing you to determine the position of each sound in a stereo or multi-channel sound field.
To pan a sound in Final Cut Pro, you must first apply a Pan Mode to an audio clip. Select the clip in the
Timeline and open the Inspector's Audio pane. Under the Volume and Pan section, choose a preset from the Pan
Mode drop-down menu. Once a preset has been chosen, a Pan Amount slider becomes available along with the
Surround Panner if you've chosen a Surround preset (just click the disclosure triangle to reveal it). For stereo
projects choose the Stereo Left/Right preset, which allows you to position the sound between the left and right
Surround mixes give you a 360-degree sound space to play with, but you'll also need the appropriate hardware
and speaker set up in order to monitor your audio output. Before starting on a Surround mix, you need to set
your project's properties to Surround mode. To do this, follow these steps:
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