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key to go to the beginning and play back the sequence. This short “Boo!” section is now a lot more effect-
Figure 12.9 Snapping the clip's audio to the next clip in the sequence.
11. The next segment that we're going to work on is Katie's conversation with Jason. Even though Jason
doesn't have any dialogue in this scene, we still need to see his reaction to what Katie is saying to him. This
can be done by simply adding a few shots throughout Scene 17 Slate 25 Take 3 in the Timeline. We won't
need any audio for this, so press Shift+2 to select Video Only as the source media and make sure the audio
for the second instance of Scene 17 Slate 24 Take 1 is expanded in the Timeline. Position the playhead at 27
seconds and 1 frame in the Timeline and, with the Filter pop-up menu set to Favorites, select Scene 17 Slate
24 Take 1 (second favorite) in the Event Browser and press W to insert the clip into the Primary Storyline.
We need to trim the beginning of the clip that follows (Scene 17 Slate 25 Take 3, the last clip in the
Timeline) so that when we cut back to Katie, she isn't in the same position that she was in before the cut to
Jason. The duration of Jason's inserted clip is 1 second and 22 frames, so we would normally trim this
amount off the front of the following clip so that the same amount of time has passed when we cut back to
Katie. However, the director tells us that he wants a short pause before Katie speaks again, to create an un-
comfortable tension between the characters. Because this pause isn't part of the actors' performance, we
need to create it artificially in the edit. Trimming a smaller amount from the start of Katie's next shot would
slightly lengthen the time before her first line of dialogue. Select the video In point for the last clip in the
Timeline (Scene 17 Slate 25 Take 3) and type +11 (see Figure 12.10). Press Return to trim 11 frames off the
front of Scene 17 Slate 25 Take 3. Choose View Collapse All Clips to collapse the expanded audio tracks,
and press Shift+Z to fit the entire sequence in the Timeline.
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