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Let's find the point in the Primary Storyline just before Jason is about to pounce. This should be at 24
seconds and 20 frames in the Timeline. Position the playhead there, and press W to insert Scene 17 Slate 25
Take 1 into the Primary Storyline. Press Shift+1 to switch the Source Media back to All.
7. If you play back this section, you'll notice that Jason pounces again when we cut back to the third in-
stance of Scene 17 Slate 24 Take 1 in the sequence. To remove the repeated action, we need to trim the front
of the clip to just before Jason pulls back following the “Boo!” Let's use the Precision Editor to do this.
First, make sure that the Show Detailed Trimming Feedback check box is checked in the Preference's Edit-
ing pane (see Chapter 6) because we'll be using the Viewer to visually find a suitable edit point.
Double-click the edit point between Scene 17 Slate 25 Take 1 and Scene 17 Slate 24 Take 1 (the last two
clips in the sequence) to open the Precision Editor and select the In point for Scene 17 Slate 24 Take 1 (the
bottom clip in the window). While dragging the In point to the right, watch the second screen in the Viewer
to see the position in the clip where Jason is just about to pull back (see Figure 12.5). This should be at ex-
actly 1 second from the start of the clip (see Figure 12.6). Press the Close Precision Editor button at the bot-
tom of the window to return to the Timeline and play back the section.
Figure 12.5 Finding the correct position in the Viewer.
Figure 12.6 Rippling a clip in the Precision Editor.
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