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6. Next, we'll find the same point in the following medium shot (Scene 14 Slate 48 Take 2). Because this
clip is a medium shot that shows only Katie's head and shoulders, we'll have to guess by Katie's posture
when she actually connects with the floor. Luckily, one of the peaks on the clip's audio waveform provides
us with a useful visual clue, and we can deduce that this happens at 1 minute, 3 seconds, and 4 frames in the
Timeline. Select the In point of Scene 14 Slate 48 Take 2, and ripple to the right by 1 second and 23 frames.
Play back the edit, and you'll see that this gives us a hard cut at the point when Katie sits down. The cut
would be a lot smoother if it took place during her move, and now that we've figured out the timing of the
character's movement, we can simply move the edit point back with a Roll edit. Press T to bring up the
Trim tool, and keep your finger pressed down on the keyboard. Select both edit points between Scene 14
Slate 47 Take 2 and Scene 14 Slate 48 Take 2 (the last two clips in the Timeline) and roll to the left so that
the edit point occurs during Katie's movement (see Figure 11.12). Around 20 frames should be enough, but
experiment with different amounts to see how they affect the cut. Finally, release your finger from the T key
to return back to the Select tool. This works with all tools found in the Tool menu. Keeping a tool's key-
board shortcut pressed allows you to use a different tool and then quickly return back to the Select tool after
the key is released.
Figure 11.12 Roll back the edit point by 20 frames so that the cut happens during Katie's action.
In the next section of the sequence, Katie spots Jason playing with his football on the stairs and tries to snap a
photo of him. This section ends when Jason runs off and Katie chases after him. This section is covered with the
following clips:
Scene 14 Slate 36 Take 5: A wide angle from the top of the stairs looking down on Jason as he bounces
his ball. A flash from the camera causes Jason to run away, and Katie runs into frame and down the stairs
after him, stopping when she reaches the bottom.
Scene 14 Slate 38 Take 1: A close-up of the ball hitting the floor.
Scene 14 Slate 40 Takes 2 and 3: Two takes of a wide angle from the bottom of the stairs looking up at
Katie that covers the entire action. She walks into the shot, sits down on the steps to wind her camera, and
then stands to snap off a photo when she notices Jason. The clip ends with Katie running down the stairs to-
ward camera.
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