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Joyce's clip (Scene 11 Slate 21 Take 3) that we should keep for later. Position the playhead at 30 seconds
and 12 frames in the Timeline (over Scene 11 Slate 21 Take 3 just before Joyce says, “What?”) and press
+B to slice the end of the clip. Control-click the second half of the sliced clip and choose Lift from Primary
Storyline from the shortcut menu. This action turns Joyce's reaction at the end into a Connected clip and
places a gap clip beneath it in the Primary Storyline (see Figure 10.28). Now we're free to overwrite onto
the first part of the sliced clip without affecting the end section.
Figure 10.28 Lifting a clip from the Primary Storyline.
12. Select Scene 11 Slate 23 Take 3 (Favorite) in the Event Browser and play the clip. So far, we've been
using Take 2 of Katie's medium shot, but we prefer the actress's performance in Take 3 for the second half
of the scene. Her expression as she pulls up the bed covers really sells her frustration with Joyce's skepti-
cism, so let's include it in the sequence. Position the playhead at 21 seconds and 21 frames in the Timeline,
just before Joyce says, “. . . stay with you until you fall asleep?” and press D to overwrite Scene 11 Slate 23
Take 3 to the Primary Storyline.
13. If you play back the edit, you'll hear overlapping dialogue during Scene 11 Slate 23 Take 3. Expand the
audio for both Scene 11 Slate 21 Take 3 and Scene 11 Slate 23 Take 3 (the fifth and sixth clips in the
Timeline), and you'll see that the audio for Scene 11 Slate 21 Take 3 overlaps into Scene 11 Slate 23 Take 3
(see Figure 10.29). This can easily be fixed with a simple audio trim.
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