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and drag it to the right by 1 second and 2 frames so that the audio portion starts at 57 seconds 17 frames in
the Timeline (see Figure 9.26). Play back this section and you'll notice an abrupt dip to silence during the
missing audio. This is because when we removed the dialogue, we also removed the background audio
along with it. We can easily fix this by adding background ambience later when we build up our soundtrack
(see Chapter 13). Choose View Collapse All Clips to tidy up the audio in the Timeline.
Figure 9.26 A missing portion of the clip's audio that causes an abrupt dip in silence.
9. Continue to play the rest of Scene 3 Slate 9 Take 2. Joyce coaxes Katie into the house, and we can contin-
ue to use Scene 3 Slate 9 Take 2 for this part of the action. During the clip, Joyce hands Katie her bag and
invites her to go upstairs and choose a room for herself. For the next section, we need to show Katie walk-
ing up the stairs to her bedroom. If you look through the footage that we have available in the Event
Browser (set the Event Browser's Filter pop-up menu back to All Clips so that it lists everything), you'll see
that there are three clips that include this action: Scene 3 Slate 8 Take 1 (our original master shot), Scene 3
Slate 13 Take 2, and Scene 3 Slate 11 Take 1. Remember that Scene 3 Slate 8 Take 1 has a continuity flaw:
Joyce doesn't walk over to the stairs to lean on the handrail at the end of the scene. We could, of course, fin-
ish the scene with this shot, but it would be nice to end on the close-up of Joyce at the stairs, as shown in
Scene 3 Slate 12 Take 2 (see Figure 9.27).
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