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Figure 8.17 Using a fade handle to create an audio fade.
Control-clicking on a fade handle brings up a pop-up menu that lets you pick one of four different types of fade
shapes (see Figure 8.18). Each shape has a different effect on the fade that can easily be determined by the im-
ages in the pop-up menu:
• The default shape is a +3 dB fade, which starts off slowly and quickly diminishes at the end.
• The -3 dB fade starts off rapidly and slowly diminishes at the end.
• The S-curve fade starts off slowly, ramps up in the middle, and then slowly diminishes at the end.
• The Linear fade keeps a constant rate over the duration of the fade.
Which of these fade shapes you should apply will depend on the situation and on how smooth or abrupt you
want the fade to be.
Figure 8.18 The different fade shapes available in Final Cut Pro.
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