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Double-system recording describes the process of recording audio separately from the camera during filming.
This process requires that the picture and sound be synced together later during editing using either timecode or
a clapper as a reference. Final Cut Pro syncs clips automatically by matching their markers, timecodes, or the
first frames of the clips and forming what's known as a Synchronized clip.
To synchronize two clips together, select the clips in the Event Browser and choose Clip Synchronize Clips or
press Option+ +G. A Synchronized clip appears in the Event Browser in addition to the original clips. A Syn-
chronized clip is, in essence, just a Compound clip and behaves as such once it's added to the Timeline.
Let's see this in action by using a clapper to sync picture and sound from the Pranks rushes:
1. Double-click the Craft of the Cut disc image to mount it and launch Final Cut Pro.
2. Select the Pranks Media Event in the Event Library and type clapper into the Event Browser's Search
field. A video and audio clip named “Scene 7 Slate 17 Take 3 with clapper” displays in the Event Browser.
3. Play the video clip and place a marker on the frame where the top of the board impacts with the bottom
(see Figure 8.14).
Figure 8.14 Placing a marker where the boards meet.
4. Play the audio clip and place a marker at the point where you hear the clap of the board. This can be seen
as the long thin spike in the clip's waveform (see Figure 8.15).
Figure 8.15 Placing a marker on the audio peak of the clap.
5. Select both clips and choose Clip Synchronize Clips. A new Synchronized clip appears in the Event
Browser (see Figure 8.16).
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