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To group clips inside a Compound clip in the Event Browser; select the clips that you want to include and
choose Files New Compound clip or press Option+G. A dialog box appears allowing you to name the Com-
pound clip and also specify its video and audio properties (see Figure 7.17). These can be different from the
main Project properties (for more on Project properties, see Chapter 5).
Click OK and a new Compound clip appears in the Event Browser. If you play or skim over this Compound
clip, you'll see that it's made up of all the clips that you selected. The original clips remain in the Event
Browser in addition to the newly created Compound clip and stay unaffected even if the Compound clip is de-
leted. This is because the Compound clip is only referencing the clips, similar to the way that a Project referen-
ces clips in the Event Browser. Figure 7.18 shows a Compound clip in the Event Browser named Spider Attack.
Notice how the Compound clip's icon is different from the standard clip icon. A Compound clip in the Event
Browser can be opened in the Timeline in the usual way (see “Working with Compound Clips in the Timeline,”
earlier) and the clips inside can be trimmed just as in a normal Project.
Figure 7.17 You can name new Compound clips inside the Event Browser.
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