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the Timeline (see Figure 7.15). The gap is the main clip in the Primary Storyline during the length of the over-
lapping portion of the audio, which is why it plays back as black in the Viewer. To escape this problem, you
need to select the adjacent clip and include it as part of the Compound clip. If you were to now Break Apart
Clip Items, the gap would be re-created in the Primary Storyline. Press +Z to undo the Compound clip and re-
turn the individual clips back to the Timeline.
Figure 7.15 A gap clip created by an overlapping audio clip.
Working with Compound Clips in the Event Browser
Compound clips can just as easily be created in the Event Browser and can be used to group related clips before
editing them to the Timeline. For example, if you have a video clip that is intended to play with a specific piece
of music or sound effect, the two could be paired together inside a Compound clip and would play back simul-
taneously when viewed in the Timeline. Another use would be to group together all the favorite footage in a
particular segment of a scene, such as the spider attack section of the Bump in the Night sequence (see Figure
Figure 7.16 The selected spider attack clips ready to be placed inside a new Compound clip.
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