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clip, you could apply the filter to this single object and any changes that you made to the filter in the Inspector
would be applied to all the clips inside.
Another useful application of Compound clips is when you have a particularly lengthy project and you want to
clean up the Timeline by grouping the clips into individual sections. Clips nested inside a Compound clip could
represent a scene in the movie, and this “scene” Compound clip could likewise be nested inside another Com-
pound clip that represents a sequence. This technique could be used to simplify a complex project such as a fea-
ture and also make it more manageable to work with. For example, the Project Timeline could consist of just six
to eight “sequence” Compound clips, and each of these could contain five or more “scene” Compound clips.
When opening a “scene” Compound clip in the Timeline, you would only be presented with the clips that make
up that scene, allowing you to focus on just this “mini-project.” As you'll see in the next section, this workflow
can be planned in advance in the Event Browser.
Let's continue with the Bump in the Night sequence and nest the Secondary Storyline with the Jason Giggles-02
sound effect inside a Compound clip.
1. Open the Bump in the Night Project in the Timeline by double-clicking it in the Project Library.
2. Select the three Connected clips above the Primary Storyline and turn them back into a Secondary St-
oryline by pressing +G.
3. Select the Secondary Storyline by clicking the top gray bar, and -click on the second audio clip (Jason
Giggles-02) to add it to the selection.
4. Press Option+G to create a new Compound clip.
The selected items are nested inside a new Compound clip that is connected to the Primary Storyline (see Fig-
ure 7.9). Notice that the Jason Giggles-02 audio clip is no longer visible in the Timeline, but if you play back
this section, the sound effect is still audible because it's now inside the Compound clip. If you were to move
this Compound clip anywhere in the Timeline, the Jason Giggles-02 sound effect would move along with it and
remain in sync with the picture.
Figure 7.9 A Compound clip connected to the Primary Storyline.
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