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Figure 6.18 Connection links are always attached to the Primary Storyline.
When performing a connect edit, a clip or selection in the Event Browser is connected to the playhead or skim-
mer position on the Primary Storyline. After a clip is connected, it can be repositioned anywhere in the Timeline
by clicking and dragging the clip with the cursor. As you drag, the Viewer displays the Connected clip's current
position in the Primary Storyline.
To connect a clip or selection to the Primary Storyline, manually drag a clip directly on top of the Primary St-
oryline, or select a clip and press the connect button on the Toolbar.
If the Connected clip contains audio, the sound is heard along with any other audio tracks beneath it. To disable
a clip's audio tracks, select the clip in the Timeline and open the Inspector's Audio tab. The clip's audio tracks
are listed beneath the disclosure triangle of the Channel Configuration heading (see Figure 6.19), and deselect-
ing the check box beside each track makes them inaudible during playback. You also could disable a clip's au-
dio (or video) before adding the clip to the Timeline by using the Video Only or Audio Only functions dis-
cussed in Chapter 5.
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