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There are times during an edit when you want to remove a clip from a sequence and place it out of the way in
the Timeline for later use. If the clip is moved using the default Select tool, the clip automatically appends to the
end of the Primary Storyline and any attempts to move it spring it right back again. You could, of course, insert
a large gap before the clip after you've moved it, but an easier way is to move the clip using the Position tool
(available on the Tool menu or by pressing P). This automatically places a gap between the clip and the rest of
the sequence, allowing you to keep the clip in the Timeline until it's ready for use at a later time.
Another useful function of the Position tool is that it allows you to paste one clip over another just like an over-
write edit. To do this, drag a clip from the Timeline or the Event Browser directly onto another clip in a se-
quence; after the blue boundary box appears, let go of the clip to overwrite it in the sequence (see Figure 6.15).
Figure 6.15 Overwriting a clip with the Position tool.
One thing to bear in mind is that unlike the Select tool, which ripples the clip along the Timeline, moving a
clip's edit point with the Position tool overwrites the clip's media with a gap (see Figure 6.16). Using the Posi-
tion tool to drag a clip inside a Storyline also creates a gap behind it and overwrites any clips that it rolls over.
Figure 6.16 The Position tool overwrites a clip's media with a gap clip when moving a clip's edit point.
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