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this.panel = panel;
h.6 obtaInInG handles for shoWInG real-tIme vIdeo
on oscIlloscope dIsplay
public void setAppearance(Appearance appimage, Appearance appblack, Shape3D osci_screen)
this.appimage = appimage;
this.appblack = appblack;
this.osci_screen = osci_screen;
h.7 obtaInInG InItIal posItIons of controls on
public void setOsciPositions(Point3f osciposi, Point3f osci_knobposi[], Point3f osci_buttonposi[],
Point3f osci_slideposi[])
this.osciposi = osciposi;
this.osci_knobposi = osci_knobposi;
this.osci_slideposi = osci_slideposi;
this.osci_buttonposi = osci_buttonposi;
h.8 obtaInInG InItIal posItIons of controls on
sIGnal Generator
public void setSgPositions(Point3f sgposi, Point3f sg_knobposi[], Point3f sg_buttonposi[])
this.sgposi = sgposi;
this.sg_knobposi = sg_knobposi;
this.sg_buttonposi = sg_buttonposi;
h.9 obtaInInG InItIal posItIons of controls on
door control
public void setPassPositions(Point3f passposi, Point3f passbuttonposi[], Point3f frontleftwallposi)
this.passposi = passposi;
this.passbuttonposi = passbuttonposi;
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