Java Reference
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Figure 3. Create project
step 3: add Java fIles
After creating an empty workspace and project, we can proceed to add Java files to the
project. Select “File New” or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+N.” A dialog box, as shown
in Figure 4 will appear. Under the “Files” tab, select the “Java File” option. Enter an ap-
propriate “Filename” and “Location.” Also ensure that that “Add to Project” box is checked
before clicking “OK.”
After carrying out the previous steps, the main window would now be as shown in
Figure 5. By double-clicking “FirstJava3D,” all the files created in the project workspace
can be viewed. This includes of course the recently created “RotatingCube” Java file.
step 4: copy and edIt codes and compIlInG
The program code on the Rotating Cube program in Chapter I can now be copied and
pasted. After this and any appropriate editing has been completed, click the “Compile
Project” button as highlighted in Figure 6.
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