Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Appendix B
Running the Rotating
Cube Program
The following gives a step-by-step procedure for running the rotating cube example pro-
gram presented in Chapter I.
step 1: launch Jcreator
By doubling clicking the “JCreator” icon on the desktop, the JCreator IDE application
can be launched. Figure 1 shows the main window of the application when no project has
been created.
step 2: create Workspace and proJect
To create a workspace for the editing, compiling and running of Java3D programs, select
“File New” on the menu of the main window. This is illustrated in Figure 2.
Subsequently, a dialog box as shown in Figure 3 will pop up. Click the “Projects” tab
and select the “Empty Project” option. Enter an appropriate name for the project in the
Project name textbox. In Figure 3, the project is named “FirstJava3D.” Ensure that the
“Create new workspace” option is checked and that the location at which the project will
be saved is appropriate. Click “OK” when finished.
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