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Two objects that can be referenced by a View object for such purposes are the Physical-
Body and PhysicalEnvironment objects. The former gives the physical characteristics of
the user and includes parameters such as the physical locations of the eyes and ears. These
are measured in meters with a head coordinate system that has an origin that is half way
between the left and right eye. A right hand coordinate system is used with the positive
x-axis pointing to the right, the y-axis pointing up and the z-axis pointing backwards. Fig-
ure 20 summarizes the important attributes of the PhysicalBody object and the important
associated methods.
As its name implies, the PhysicalEnvironment object deals with the physical environ-
ment of the user, including the physical dimensions of the devices available to help the user
in seeing and interacting with the virtual world. Figure 21 gives a summary of this object
and the important methods for setting parameters for devices such as audio and tracking
sensor hardware.
Figure 20. PhysicalBody object and methods
public PhysicalBody ()
// Construct a PhysicalBody object with the following default parameters:
// Left eye position = (-0.033, 0.0, 0.0)
// Right eye position = (0.033, 0.0, 0.0)
// Left ear position = (-0.080, -0.030, 0.095)
// Right ear position = (0.080, -0.030, 0.095)
// nominalEyeHeightFromGround = 1.68
// nominalEyeOffsetFromNominalScreen = 0.4572
public Point3d getLeftEyePosition ()
public Point3d getRightEyePosition ()
public void setLeftEyePosition(Point3d position)
public void setRightEyePosition(Point3d position)
// Get and set center of rotation of left and right eyes of user in head coordinates
public Point3d getLeftEarPosition ()
public Point3d getRightEarPosition ()
public void setLeftEarPosition(Point3d position)
public void setRightEarPosition(Point3d position)
// Get and set position of the left and right ears of user in head coordinates
public double getNominalEyeHeightFromGround ()
public void setNominalEyeHeightFromGround(double height)
// Get and set user nominal eye height from ground to the center eye or origin of head coordinates
public double getNominalEyeOffsetFromNominalScreen ()
public void setNominalEyeOffsetFromNominalScreen(double offset)
// Get and set distance between center eye and center of display screen
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